new chair

i found an adorable wing back chair on craigslist the other night. unfortunately the seller didn’t specify anything about the dog smell or rather worn seat. of course the picture looked like it had barely been sat in but for $25 i really can’t complain.

so i did some searching and found a few tips on how to get smells out. (thats why it has white stuff all over it in the before picture because its covered in baking soda). here is the link:

for me the baking soda worked just fine. i left the chair outside for about 8 hours and then vacuumed it all off. i just brought it upstairs and spritzed it with a little body spray to be on the safe side and here is how it looks now:

sorry the picture is a little blurry but my real camera is sharing batteries with the wii fit which is apparently not working because i am too lazy to take the batteries out when i want to take a picture. (i’ve got some more rechargeable batteries on the way don’t worry).

right now a stuffed moose and sock monkey are hiding the more worn parts until i can trim some of the lose fibers. i want to do a pillow project for my new addition but haven’t decided on one yet. any suggestions?