i’m gettin healthy y’all !

i will be graduating from college in may. when i tell you over these 4 years i have gained 40 pounds i wish i was exaggerating but i’m not. those closest to me insist it doesn’t look like i have gained that much but i can see it. i can feel it too. it’s amazing how a little weight gain can drag you down and make you feel so sluggish. i realized the problem last year (when i gained the majority of the weight) when i was out of breath climbing the 3, that’s right just 3, flights of stairs to joshua’s apartment. so i hem-and-hawed for another year. well i’m tired of waking up and going to get dressed and not liking what i see in the mirror. so today i am going to share with you some of what has been motivating me over this past month (yup, cliche i know it was a new years resolution).

1. pinterest:

Reason #0466

did you know pinterest had more than recipes, cute animal pictures, and diy’s ? yup go to the health and fitness category and get ready to be inspired! whenever i feel like eating something bad for me or just being lazy i get on pinterest and find a new healthy recipe to curb my craving or find a fun workout. i’m telling you it works. there are also these lovely little bursts of inspiration called “reasonstobefit” like the one above. they are really inspiring and a great little reminder. plus you see all of these pictures of really fit people and you start to think with a little hard work, “hey i could look like that too!”.

2. just dance 3

Just Dance 3.png

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i love this game! joshua bought it for me a few months ago because we played it at another couples house and i loved it. i just looked up the info the other day and apparently you can burn about 200 calories in only half an hour! i love to play it to warm up before i do other workouts. i use it as my cardio.  joshua likes to play too, he’s actually pretty good.

3. ballet


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i love ballet and it is an amazing workout. did you have something as a kid that you wish you would have followed through with? soccer, lacrosse, ballet? there are adult programs all over the place for those extracurriculars we had as kids. i’m taking another ballet class this year and i am loving every bit of it.

4. i get to buy more clothes

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come on who doesn’t love to buy stuff. ok so there are a few of us out there who don’t like spending the money, but even this broke college kid is a bit of a shopaholic. places like target and even forever 21 have super cute and super cheap workout clothes that motivate me to try harder so i can squeeze into that super cute dress i just got on sale and purposely bought two sizes too small.

those are just a few things that i have been using to motivate myself lately. ultimately though i miss i how felt 40 pounds ago. i loved my body, i was healthy, i had energy, and i could climb more than 3 flights of stairs without being out of breath. so what ever motivates you get out there and get back into the body you love.


well i’m finally back!

it has been too long! turns out my WordPress account was hacked and after almost two months of dealing with customer service and not being able to get into my account i’m back! unfortunately though it is smack dab in the middle of the holidays so look forward to some posts that i have been saving up after all the holiday hoopla. until then here is a little Christmas cheer:

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i wish it was snowing here! instead we have temperatures in the 70’s!


I have a couple super cute DIY s to share. It’s been a little busy around here with Joshua’s birthday and school about to start. I’ll try to post in a couple days. Here’s a hint: chevron is involved! Stay tuned…


My “Getting Stuff Done” Chart

So I am a big fan of lists. I especially love lists in chart form aka check-off-charts. With my last year of college right around the corner I decided to make one of my check-off-charts. When school starts life gets hectic and lots of stuff gets put on the back burner or forgotten completely. That’s why hopefully with this check-off-chart I’ll remember those little things that are easy to forget.


Ok so these are the things that I forget to do when things get busy. My goal is to do everyone of these things at least once a week. The chart is laid out to where the first row underneath the tasks can be used for that very satisfying check. The second is for any notes you might have. For example, say you tried a new recipe and checked off under the “Cook” box, but you had to chose between 2 recipes that night and didn’t have anytime for the rest of the week to cook the other one. You can use the second row to write in that recipe to remind you for next week. Some things could and should be done more than once like love and relax. While some only need to be done once a week like backing up your computer. So here’s the break down:

First there’s blogging. For you fellow bloggers out there we have all done it. Gone a few weeks or even months without blogging because we get too busy. I love blogging. I find it really relaxes me and gets me thinking creatively. So my goal is to blog at least once a week.

Next is relax. We all do it. We go and go and go all week long and by the end of it we are tired and grumpy. Even if you can just take 15 or 30 minuets out of a not so busy day and just take a relaxing bath, it could make a world of difference for the rest of your day. Taking those little breaks helps you recharge and feel more positive about all the stuff you have to get done. So goal number two is to relax more.

Learn. I’m kind of a geek. I was the kid who liked to go to school and learn stuff. I love learning new things. If its teaching myself to do a new thing like crochet or knit, or just learning about a new place or thing. Making sure you learn something new each week keeps you sharp and on your feet. For example, maybe I should learn a little more about politics/political current events so I have some input during some of our family discussions.

Make. I love crafting! I’m a poor college student so when it comes to buying designer stuff or that already put together $200 chair, I normally have to make do with what I’ve already got. So sewing my own version of the super cute alice and olivia skirt saves me a lot of money. Or learning how to reupholster that $20 goodwill/craigslist find really saves me money. Making sure that I craft makes me feel accomplished, happy, gives me something to blog, and can give me a break from a super hectic week.

Cook. Cooking is another thing that calms me. I love making and trying new recipes. It spices up a dull boring week and makes more than just me happy. Joshua loves when I cook and try new recipes. We also use cooking as a way to just spend time together. It’s also not hard to do. There are tons of really great websites out there that have tons of easy, cheap, fun recipes you could do even during a busy week.

Love. This one is really important. Whether you have a husband, boyfriend, partner, kids, friends, pets… everyone needs to take time and remind that special someone that they care. This can be really hard when you are going and going. So a really big goal for me is to show Joshua that I care, because I’ll admit it when we get back to school we both fall into a rut. It becomes more important to study and work so we forget to take time to just be together without all the interruption. Take time at the very least to do one special little or big thing for that significant other.

Organize/Clean. Organizing and cleaning are both also oddly calming to me. There is nothing like a really neat desk or super clean fridge to make you feel really accomplished. It also helps keep stress down. How frustrating is it when you need to find something and it takes you 20 minuets to find it? Even if you just need to file away some bills or respond to some emails try to organize or clean at least once a week.

Last but not least, backing up my computer. This may only apply to me, but between school work, important documents, pictures, and my fun stuff the contents of my computer are really important. I’m always really paranoid something will happen to my computer and I’ll lose everything. So I try to back it up once a week. There are some pretty good sites that can do it for you but honestly I love my external hard drive. Those sites can get pretty expensive, and backing up on most hard drives is really easy, just a couple clicks and your done.

Well that’s my check-off-chart for those little things that need to get done during the week that we forget about. Here is the link for google docs. I have it saved as a publisher so you can edit it if you need to. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the chart or let me know if you have any problems with the link. Also, a little tip put your chart in a protective sleeve and put it in your home management binder or hang it up on the wall. You can use wipe off markers or even permanent markers (and then use nail polish remover and a cotton ball to remove the permanent marker from the sleeve) and it will cut down on paper so you don’t have to keep printing it off.

Hope y’all enjoy!


some changes…

southern serendipity is seeing some changes! thanks to her new leaf i have been sprucing up the old blog. so far i have learned how to add: flags, buttons, and signatures; and i’m still learning. her site (click the above link or see the new button further down the page) is perfect for new bloggers or old bloggers looking to learn some new tricks. stay tuned to see what else i learn!

so what do ya’ll think about the new signature?


how i organize pinterest on my computer

so in my opinion the greatest thing since slice bread is pinterest. for those of you who are not aware of what pinterest is, it’s a website where you can post or “pin” fun things you find on the internet. so lets say you’re on southern living’s website and you find the most amazing fried chicken recipe that you just have to share with the world, it’s pinterest to the rescue. people who share your intrests follow your boards and now they know where the greatest fried chicken recipie can be found. food is not the only thing pintrest has to offer. pretty much anything on the internet can be “pinned” on this site. be it crafts, wedding and event ideas, cleaning tips, home decor ideas, gardening, art, and even a geek category. its pretty amazing go check it out.

thanks to another great invention microsoft’s one note program you can save all of those great pinterest ideas onto your computer. if you have owned a pc anytime before at least (i think) 2007 your computer probably has one note. one note is like word but much cooler. one note is like an electronic bookshelf of notebooks! i literally have a cookbook that i have created strictly from recipes from the internet. it has turned into quite the collection too.  here is an excerpt from my cook book:

as you can see i have my recipe notebook organized by subject tabs of: breakfast, app soup salad, entree, etc. then under each subject tab (entree shown above) i have a different page for each recipe. then if you look to the left you’ll see all of my notebooks: recipes, my martha, (i’m a huge martha stewart fan so this is stuff from pinterest, martha’s website and other contributors and its full of crafts and cleaning tips and other great ideas) etc. you’ll even see my pinterest notebook which is strictly used for copy and pasting of my likes list from pinterest. i copy and paste it every so often when i feel like it might be time to because i know pinterest doesn’t have all of my almost 6,500 likes saved. (i prefer “liking” over “repining”)

so all you do is get this program or find it on your computer because you probably already have it, then you just copy and paste anything you could possibly imagine into your notebook of choice. when you are done collecting what you want into a notebook you can even print the entire note book off. this program has tons of features and it’s easy to use. it even has an ipad app so you can take your notebooks anywhere without having to print them. seriously if you don’t already have or use this program figure out how its life changing for us organization fanatics!

disclaimer: i have no affiliation with microsoft, the one note program, or pinterest! i’m just a fan.

Homochitto National Forest

Well about 2 weeks ago we had spring break and while every other college student in the world was at the beach Joshua and I decided to go camping again (we did it for last years spring break too). Camping really is a wonderful thing especially for poor college students. Instead of the $120 a night we were going to have to spend on a condo that a few of our friends were renting for the week, we only spent $7 a night at Homochitto. I have to admit though this was very much a last minute decision. We had told our friends no thank you the week before and just decided we would go hiking one day. So that’s what we did, and we originally went to a place that Joshua had visited with his family years before. To say the least Percy Quinn State Park was not as fun as he remembered. We started our 8 mile hike around 10 in the morning and didn’t get back to our car until about 5 or 6 o’clock. The “trail” that we took was not established at all. There were orange spray painted marks on the trees so you knew you were still on the “trail”, but the entire time you were traipsing through either thick thorny brush or swamp. I was miserable. Then we finally get out of the jungle only to realize we had no idea where we were. No it did not take us in a circle that brought us back to the beginning of the trail where our car was. We actually wound up about 6 miles away from our car and not in the happiest mood. So we decided to go a little further north of where we were for dinner. Which was much better than the day we had had. We stopped at a little Mexican place in McComb Mississippi called El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant where Joshua got quail fajitas:

They were delicious! While we are at dinner we are discussing how well…disappointing our trip was so we do a little googling and find Homochitto only about an hour away. But there is one problem where are we going to stay for the night? Lets go camping! Now fast forward through the trip at Wal-Mart getting a tent and all that other stuff you need for camping and it’s about 10 o’clock at night and we are setting up a tent by the head lights of my car. We couldn’t see anything and honestly had no idea where we were just that we had made it to the primitive camp site at Homochitto National Forest. Then we wake up and started our attempt at saving spring break. It was a success! Homochitto was better, there were established trails and very little thick jungle brush (there was a small spot here or there though). We even saw the worlds smallest waterfall:

It definitely made the trip worth while! Here are some pics from the trip:


A few things…

Sorry it s been so long. I have been crazy busy at school. So far i’m in the middle of a valentines day project for Joshua, started taking ballet again, and I’ve been whipping up some tasty desserts. I will definitely be glad to be done with school in May but i still have a while so…

Stay tuned!

Here’s a pretty picture to brighten your day and maybe even remind you of your childhood:

Why I have been MIA and some future ideas

Ok so i have been MIA because of pinterest. Thats right i’m addicted and i love it! you can follow me here if you’d like, as of now it has most of my attention. However, i do have a few ideas for the blog.  First off I think i’m going to go in a fashion direction for a bit so hopefully i can get around to posting some daily outfit inspiration. Next I’ve been sewing and knitting and trying to learn to crochet. But i have a couple projects in the works that i want to post (a lot of which i got some inspiration from pinterest). I’m a little sick right now with the weather going back and forth here in Baton Rouge so bare with me. I will try to add some outfit pics and projects soon so stay tuned!