sugared pecans…

so i tried my hand at the sugared pecans. they came out ok. i used this recipe because they looked like the sugared pecans i was trying to copy from Pointe Coupee Pecans. i think this recipe requires that you cook them too long. i cooked them at 350 in 10 minute intervals like it said and i had to take them out less than half way through the last 10 minutes because they were burning. i just didn’t have too much luck.

honestly i think it would cheaper and easier to just buy the originals. here is the link and a lovely picture for the delicious Pointe Coupee Pecans sugared pecans:

they are oh so very tasty!!!





aahhh pecans

we recently stocked up on some pecans at the farmers market. in addition to just a simple snack pecans are amazing in just about everything! the other night we had a pecan packed dinner. we had an apple and arugula pecan salad, pecan and mushroom risotto, and a pecan crusted chicken (can i just say joshua is an amazing chef!).


the recipe for the risotto and salad are joshua originals. you could easily use bag salad and add apple, pecans, and your favorite light dressing. for the risotto i’m pretty sure you can get some in a box at the grocery and then add pecans. but we used this martha stewart recipe for the chicken:

in the next couple of days i’m going to try my hand at sugared and spiced pecans.





Sweet Biscuits

This is a simple recipes that is one of Joshua’s favorites.


He calls them sweet biscuits and according to him I don’t make them hardly enough. In fact I couldn’t even get a picture of a full pie tin. I went upstairs to get my camera and this is what I came back to:


Here’s the recipe:


Here is the downloadable PDF link: sweet biscuits

I like to bake them in a pie tin instead of on a baking sheet because in the pie tin they get to sit in the delicious glaze. Enjoy!

Fat Cow

So we are driving to a friends house last night and we pass a restaurant called Fat Cow. So naturally I urbanspoon such an interesting place. Well I have to say the deciding factor for me would be the  instant that I saw (and I quote), “Parmesan and Duck Fat French Fries”. Then after a long morning at work I decided that I needed some of those fries, so I call Joshua up and we meet at Fat Cow. Fast forward 20 min.s and they sit it down in front of me. A large tray of Parmesan Duck Fat French Fries (oh ya and a hamburger).

Ok so the burger was great dont get me wrong. Delicious in fact. It was called the Sicilian and it was made up of fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, tomato, and a balsamic vinaigrette. Really really good.

BUT the fries where AMAZING!!! I will most definitely be trying to recreate this! stay tuned…

And thank you Fat Cow. Thank you very much!

A Southern Woman Who Loves Her Sweets…

I want to start this post with a HUGE thank you to for this fabulous recipe. Not only is this dessert one of the most amazing sweets I have ever seen, it is one of the easiest desserts I have ever seen! Here is a picture to make your mouth water:

Holly Sweet Tooth Batman!!!!!!

So this little beauty is cookie dough with oreos on top and then brownie batter poured on top of that! For the full recipe go to and get ready to eat your heart out!

I’m going to try and do a new treat each week in my apartment and this week is looking like a double treat week because i can’t wait to eat… I mean make this. 😉 Enjoy! and thank you again so much Kevin & Amanda .com !