My Lace Side Tank DIY

I’m sure we’ve all seen the lace side tank tops on pinterest lately. Well I had a tank top that really didn’t fit anymore and some  lace laying around. And voila:

This is my version. Instead of using flat lace that you can buy by the yard I used the simple roll of  lace that you use as trim:


I used hobby lobby’s “Decorative Trim” 3 1/2 inch Ivory Ruffled lace:


Now this is not flat lace so when I opened the side seems to the top and then pinned the lace it bunched a lot. But that’s ok because I wanted mine to be a little different looking so what i did was pleat the lace in two places. I pleated it at the top and at the bottom on both sides.


Overall I think it turned out pretty well. The lace is super itchy but I plan on wearing a second tank underneath anyway due to the sheerness.  Enjoy!



diy drum shade

Not much going on here, new computer, sister got in to college, hurricane Isaac; you know the usual. Since school has been closed until Thursday I seem to have a little time on my hands. Finally! So I can tell y’all about my new favorite project.

I have been meaning to fix up the lighting fixtures in our house since we moved in.  So thanks to the wonderful pinterest I found some inspiration right before I had a bunch of people over.  A diy drum shade that you can place right over the fixture itself. I got tons of compliments. What do you think:


It was actually really easy to do and only took about an hour for both. All I needed was fabric, two wooden embroidery hoops, hot glue, poster board, and  eye screws.

I found the tutorial here . But I did a few things different. First off I didn’t use ribbon or make a diffuser. I just glued the fabric to the inside of the embroidery hoop and for the diffuser I just glued a thin muslin over the other embroidery hoop. You may want to use the diffuser if you plan on using the fixture a lot. We don’t use ours too much.  Here is the other one in the kitchen:



I also hand painted some wooden letters from hobby lobby to match the chevron shade in the kitchen. Another really easy project. Just buy some thin wooden letters, paint (maybe to match your very own drum shade) and a chevron stencil (I just printed a chevron pattern and cut it out). Enjoy!


bella’s new bed

recently i was finally able to bring stella marie up to baton rouge to live with me. bless her heart she hasn’t lived with me for three years because i have been living on campus where they don’t allow pets. well needless to say monday she was diagnosed with separation anxiety. so it has been a bit of a struggle to get her adjusted but she is doing better. (btw anyone with tips/tricks on what they do with their pet who has separation anxiety i would love to hear from you) so to make things a little easier for her i made her a new bed.

now some of you may recognize this fabric. it is actually the flat sheet from a set at target. the same sheet set i have on my bed. i dont know about yall but i have never been a flat sheet fan. my mom used to make us keep it on our bed but honestly they always ended up all crumpled up at the foot of the bed that night. so i decided to take the flat sheet and use it for fabric. and i actually used it for this project. i save fabric all the time thinking i’ll use it and i finally did! all i did was cut a big rectangle out of the sheet and then sewed the sides and the top. i left a big enough hole at the top so i could stuff it and once it was stuffed i closed up the hole on my machine. the whole project took me about an hour.


stella seems to like it but the poor thing has worn herself out stressing about everything. i think her new bed is helping though. she’s finally starting to perk up to her old self again.

i am currently working on sprucing up her old crate. they say for dogs with seperation anxiety that the crate serves as a den or safe place (she is actually sitting in it right now). but hers is just a plain old gray crate so i think im going to do some research and make sure i can spray paint it (it probably just needs to air out really well when you finish spray painting) and make it look all cutesy for her so stay tuned!

i am also currently working on a few pinterest inspired projects so watch out for those too! tomorrow i’ll post my glitter key project with tips i found helpful.

Handmade Hand Warmers

So it hasn’t been extremely cold down here in good old Baton Rouge, but to help Joshua cope with the cold (thanks to some pinterest inspiration) i made him some hand warmers for his pockets.

They are super simple and really sweet! All you have to do is cute out 2 circles from a piece of flannel or fleece fabric.  Monogram/embroider before you sew, this step is optional. Then sew around the edge of the circles but make sure that the right side of the fabric is facing the other right side of the fabric.  Leave about an inch and a half or 2 un-sewn. Now turn the hand warmers right side out and use a funnel to fill them with regular uncooked rice almost to the top.  Then finish sewing the gap that you left un-sewn to finish it off. Then repeat these steps for the 2nd one. There you have it you’re done! Pop in the microwave for 30-45 sec.s when your ready to use and off you go with warm hands!


Here is a project that Joshua actually made for his dad for Christmas (and yes i am waiting until 4 months later to post but hey better late than never). I call it the Josh-agator, and its pretty darn cute! We were in Micheal’s looking for some inspiration because honestly we were pretty poor this past year for Christmas present so we deiced to make everyone’s present.  Not to mention Joshua’s father had been guilt tripping him for years about never having made him something hand-made. So we stumble across this little guy:

Then the rest was so easy. All you do is Mod Podge his body and tail into 1 direction and then paint green. After that you just Mod Podge some pictures (we used pictures of New Orleans related things because his dad is a very proud, born and raised New Orleanian) onto him and you end up with:

“The Best Present Ever!” according to Joshua’s dad.


A cute idea!

So this past saturday was my 21st birthday! To sum up the day in a sentence Breakfast at Brennan’s (YUM!!) followed by a day full of shopping. It was pretty great! Well during the shopping Joshua and I where on Magazine street and we ran into a little specialty store called Funrock’n. They had saints stuff, gag gifts, clothes, tons of stuff. But what impressed me the most was their packaging. We bought Joshua’s brother some prank toys for Christmas and at checkout this is what the cashier handed over:

What is that you ask? Why is it so impressive? Because it’s really a


Now how clever is that! This would be really cute for movie themed parties with your own personalized stamp or just general cute goodie bags. This would even be cute for wedding gift bags! I just loved this little idea and had to share!

Here is a website for the bags $9 for 500 (500 seems to be the minimum but you can always ebay or etsy any left overs) :

And here is a website that i love for personalized stamps:



Decorate your own coffee mug!

So for Christmas this year Joshua’s mother has requested an LSU mom mug for her morning coffee. Well instead of a generic mug that takes 2 seconds to pick up at the union gift shop Joshua and I decided to make her one from scratch. Lets face it what mom doesn’t love a good old fashioned hand painted mug especially when it comes from her 20 year old son who hasn’t made her anything since he was 5. Now if you go to Michael’s to get one of those cute mug kid crafts (they range in price from $1-$4) you can’t use the mug afterwords because it no longer becomes safe for food. So what cha gotta do is go to another part of Michael’s where they have ceramic or enamel paint. We actually got the mug at Michael’s and then got the paint at hobby lobby (it’s cheaper there). We purchased “Decoart Americana gloss enamels”.

As you can tell it looks like one of those regular little plastic paint card things. And its super easy to use. All you have to do is paint what every design you would like onto your mug then you place the mug in a cool oven. Set the oven to temperature specified on the back of the package and then set the timer for 35 min. Then you turn the oven off when the timer goes off and let it cool in the oven (we just left it in over night) while the oven is cooling and your done!!! Here is our finished project!

Pretty Cute huh? I think she’s gonna love it!


Crochet a hat!

So you would like to make a hat? For projects like hats, circle motifs for blankets, or hey snowman ornaments you have to work in what is called the round. Working in the round is a relatively easy form of crocheting. The easiest is just working in rows. If this is the first time you have started to crochet you may want to go here and learn how to crochet back and forth first so you get use to the feel of crochet. Here is the tutorial on crocheting in the round make sure to read under the video for some of my notes (in fact you might want to read my notes before/with and then after the video,read before/with especially if you are using the video to follow along with):

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

Now I personally prefer the second method that she uses for my beanies.

So if you are following this method there is one point where she shows you how to form the ring (that ring is considered the first round) and then she moves onto the 2nd round but talks about it before demonstrating and doesn’t really say anything while she is demonstrating. What she is doing is increasing, and she is doing that in every stitch until she gets to the marker. That means when she goes into one stitch she does a single stitch then goes back into that same stitch (the original chain not the single stitch you just did) and she does another single stitch making 2 in that one original chain. Here is another video strictly on increasing (decreasing is also in this video but for a hat you only need to worry about increasing). This video will help you better understand what exactly is going on during increasing:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

It is also very important that you mark that first stitch in the second round. I used paper clips before i purchased my little stitch markers and trust me paper clips work just fine. When she moves up the marker notice that when she removes the marker #1 she stitches that round that was right before the marker and #2 she only does one stitch not 2! this is because the marker has to move up. So once you have removed the marker and made your stitch you then have to place the marker on that new stitch and then make your 2nd stitch.

Then she goes on to talk about all of the rounds after your 2nd round. Now i’m not entirely sure why they didn’t do a tutorial on this portion because i found it rather confusing just listening to her talk about it so here is what is happening: once you have your new round, we’re going to talk about round 3 right now, you are going to do 2 stitches in that first hole (the technical term here is actually stitch but i’m going to call it a hole to avoid confusion and repeating the word stitch over and over-to clarify a “hole” is the stitch of the last round you worked, it is also the loop of yarn that you are joining your new stitches into to form your new round) of round 3 (remember increasing). Then you are going to only do 1 stitch in the next 2 holes. So you will not be doing 2 in every hole like the last round (round 2 where we were doing 2 stitches in every hole) you want to keep the work round but still flat. after you have done only 1 stitch in the 2nd and 3rd hole you are going to do 2 stitches in the 4th hole. you are going to keep doing this pattern until you get back to the marker. Once you are back to the marker you are going to get started on your 4th round (remember to move your marker) which starts with 2 stitches in your 1st hole. Then you are going to do 1 stitch in the 2nd hole, followed by 1 stitch in the 3rd and 4th hole. After that you will do 2 stitches in the 5th hole. You will again repeat this pattern until you get back to the marker. So like she says in the video its 2,1,1,2,1,1,2… for the 3rd round and then 2,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2… in the 4th so on and so forth. You keep increasing the number of 1 stitches in your circle until you get to its desired circumference for your hat. This part can be tricky but i like to just put my circle on my head (or the head of who i’m working on it for) to get a feel of where i need to start making my tube to finish the hat. She does a good job of describing this in the video.

Now i know it looks like a lot but trust me it’s not that bad! From using these videos i made my 1st hat in 1 afternoon! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!! I also want to thank Lion Brand Yarn and HowCast for their awesome videos!

Crochet a Cowl Scarf / Infinity Scarf

The easiest way i have found to crochet an infinity scarf is to follow the instructions on how to crochet a scarf and then join the scarf with a seam. Here’s how:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]


I also want to thank Lion Brand Yarn and HowCast for their awesome videos!

How to start crocheting (scarf)

I have always wanted to crochet. My mother taught me how to knit but I had always wanted to crochet. So one night when I couldn’t sleep I scoured the internet for how to crochet. The following is how I taught myself crochet in a couple hours.

First off there are some great informational videos on what crochet is, how to find patterns on lion brand’s website, how to hold a crochet hook, how to choose the right yarn, and the proper posture and holding of your crochet tools.

But you already know you want to make a scarf, you’ve got your yarn, you’ve got your hook, and you’re just ready to crochet! This is where you really start:

Every crochet project starts with a slip knot and here’s how to make one:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

Ok so you have your knot now what? Well since you are making a scarf you can choose to start in one of two ways. When i make scarfs I find it easier to start with my length. This way i don’t have to do so many rows back and forth as if i were to start with my width. Trust me the project will move much faster this way. So if you started with your length you need to chain as many stitches you want to get your desired length. So you need to know your basic stitch the chain stitch:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

Now that you have chained how every long you want the scarf to be you now need to pick which stitch to use. You will use this stitch for the entire scarf (if you want a uniform look). There are several different crochet stitches to choose from, you have the: slip (doesn’t gain height), single (shortest), half double, double, triple/treble, and many more! If you’re starting out and crochet is new to you the single stitch is one of the easiest. You are going to keep going until you get to the other end of your chain. Here’s how:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

Ok so you have used your single stitch to go all the way to the other end of your chain. You’ve done it! This is your first row! Congratulations!!! Now you probably want to know how to turn. Turning gets you from the end of this row to the beginning of your next row. This is how you build the width (if you started with the length in your chain) of your scarf. Here is turning:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

So you have gone back and forth and you finally have your scarf to it’s desired width. You’re almost done!!! Now all you have to do is fasten off:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

There you have it easy peasy!! Great job you have your first hand crocheted scarf by you!!!  Scarfs are great practice for all of your stitches. As always ya’ll Feel free to ask me any questions! I also want to thank Lion Brand Yarn and HowCast for their awesome videos!