i’m gettin healthy y’all !

i will be graduating from college in may. when i tell you over these 4 years i have gained 40 pounds i wish i was exaggerating but i’m not. those closest to me insist it doesn’t look like i have gained that much but i can see it. i can feel it too. it’s amazing how a little weight gain can drag you down and make you feel so sluggish. i realized the problem last year (when i gained the majority of the weight) when i was out of breath climbing the 3, that’s right just 3, flights of stairs to joshua’s apartment. so i hem-and-hawed for another year. well i’m tired of waking up and going to get dressed and not liking what i see in the mirror. so today i am going to share with you some of what has been motivating me over this past month (yup, cliche i know it was a new years resolution).

1. pinterest:

Reason #0466

did you know pinterest had more than recipes, cute animal pictures, and diy’s ? yup go to the health and fitness category and get ready to be inspired! whenever i feel like eating something bad for me or just being lazy i get on pinterest and find a new healthy recipe to curb my craving or find a fun workout. i’m telling you it works. there are also these lovely little bursts of inspiration called “reasonstobefit” like the one above. they are really inspiring and a great little reminder. plus you see all of these pictures of really fit people and you start to think with a little hard work, “hey i could look like that too!”.

2. just dance 3

Just Dance 3.png

photo credit

i love this game! joshua bought it for me a few months ago because we played it at another couples house and i loved it. i just looked up the info the other day and apparently you can burn about 200 calories in only half an hour! i love to play it to warm up before i do other workouts. i use it as my cardio.  joshua likes to play too, he’s actually pretty good.

3. ballet


photo credit

i love ballet and it is an amazing workout. did you have something as a kid that you wish you would have followed through with? soccer, lacrosse, ballet? there are adult programs all over the place for those extracurriculars we had as kids. i’m taking another ballet class this year and i am loving every bit of it.

4. i get to buy more clothes

photo credit

come on who doesn’t love to buy stuff. ok so there are a few of us out there who don’t like spending the money, but even this broke college kid is a bit of a shopaholic. places like target and even forever 21 have super cute and super cheap workout clothes that motivate me to try harder so i can squeeze into that super cute dress i just got on sale and purposely bought two sizes too small.

those are just a few things that i have been using to motivate myself lately. ultimately though i miss i how felt 40 pounds ago. i loved my body, i was healthy, i had energy, and i could climb more than 3 flights of stairs without being out of breath. so what ever motivates you get out there and get back into the body you love.


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