how i organize pinterest on my computer

so in my opinion the greatest thing since slice bread is pinterest. for those of you who are not aware of what pinterest is, it’s a website where you can post or “pin” fun things you find on the internet. so lets say you’re on southern living’s website and you find the most amazing fried chicken recipe that you just have to share with the world, it’s pinterest to the rescue. people who share your intrests follow your boards and now they know where the greatest fried chicken recipie can be found. food is not the only thing pintrest has to offer. pretty much anything on the internet can be “pinned” on this site. be it crafts, wedding and event ideas, cleaning tips, home decor ideas, gardening, art, and even a geek category. its pretty amazing go check it out.

thanks to another great invention microsoft’s one note program you can save all of those great pinterest ideas onto your computer. if you have owned a pc anytime before at least (i think) 2007 your computer probably has one note. one note is like word but much cooler. one note is like an electronic bookshelf of notebooks! i literally have a cookbook that i have created strictly from recipes from the internet. it has turned into quite the collection too.  here is an excerpt from my cook book:

as you can see i have my recipe notebook organized by subject tabs of: breakfast, app soup salad, entree, etc. then under each subject tab (entree shown above) i have a different page for each recipe. then if you look to the left you’ll see all of my notebooks: recipes, my martha, (i’m a huge martha stewart fan so this is stuff from pinterest, martha’s website and other contributors and its full of crafts and cleaning tips and other great ideas) etc. you’ll even see my pinterest notebook which is strictly used for copy and pasting of my likes list from pinterest. i copy and paste it every so often when i feel like it might be time to because i know pinterest doesn’t have all of my almost 6,500 likes saved. (i prefer “liking” over “repining”)

so all you do is get this program or find it on your computer because you probably already have it, then you just copy and paste anything you could possibly imagine into your notebook of choice. when you are done collecting what you want into a notebook you can even print the entire note book off. this program has tons of features and it’s easy to use. it even has an ipad app so you can take your notebooks anywhere without having to print them. seriously if you don’t already have or use this program figure out how its life changing for us organization fanatics!

disclaimer: i have no affiliation with microsoft, the one note program, or pinterest! i’m just a fan.


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