bella’s new bed

recently i was finally able to bring stella marie up to baton rouge to live with me. bless her heart she hasn’t lived with me for three years because i have been living on campus where they don’t allow pets. well needless to say monday she was diagnosed with separation anxiety. so it has been a bit of a struggle to get her adjusted but she is doing better. (btw anyone with tips/tricks on what they do with their pet who has separation anxiety i would love to hear from you) so to make things a little easier for her i made her a new bed.

now some of you may recognize this fabric. it is actually the flat sheet from a set at target. the same sheet set i have on my bed. i dont know about yall but i have never been a flat sheet fan. my mom used to make us keep it on our bed but honestly they always ended up all crumpled up at the foot of the bed that night. so i decided to take the flat sheet and use it for fabric. and i actually used it for this project. i save fabric all the time thinking i’ll use it and i finally did! all i did was cut a big rectangle out of the sheet and then sewed the sides and the top. i left a big enough hole at the top so i could stuff it and once it was stuffed i closed up the hole on my machine. the whole project took me about an hour.


stella seems to like it but the poor thing has worn herself out stressing about everything. i think her new bed is helping though. she’s finally starting to perk up to her old self again.

i am currently working on sprucing up her old crate. they say for dogs with seperation anxiety that the crate serves as a den or safe place (she is actually sitting in it right now). but hers is just a plain old gray crate so i think im going to do some research and make sure i can spray paint it (it probably just needs to air out really well when you finish spray painting) and make it look all cutesy for her so stay tuned!

i am also currently working on a few pinterest inspired projects so watch out for those too! tomorrow i’ll post my glitter key project with tips i found helpful.


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