Homochitto National Forest

Well about 2 weeks ago we had spring break and while every other college student in the world was at the beach Joshua and I decided to go camping again (we did it for last years spring break too). Camping really is a wonderful thing especially for poor college students. Instead of the $120 a night we were going to have to spend on a condo that a few of our friends were renting for the week, we only spent $7 a night at Homochitto. I have to admit though this was very much a last minute decision. We had told our friends no thank you the week before and just decided we would go hiking one day. So that’s what we did, and we originally went to a place that Joshua had visited with his family years before. To say the least Percy Quinn State Park was not as fun as he remembered. We started our 8 mile hike around 10 in the morning and didn’t get back to our car until about 5 or 6 o’clock. The “trail” that we took was not established at all. There were orange spray painted marks on the trees so you knew you were still on the “trail”, but the entire time you were traipsing through either thick thorny brush or swamp. I was miserable. Then we finally get out of the jungle only to realize we had no idea where we were. No it did not take us in a circle that brought us back to the beginning of the trail where our car was. We actually wound up about 6 miles away from our car and not in the happiest mood. So we decided to go a little further north of where we were for dinner. Which was much better than the day we had had. We stopped at a little Mexican place in McComb Mississippi called El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant where Joshua got quail fajitas:

They were delicious! While we are at dinner we are discussing how well…disappointing our trip was so we do a little googling and find Homochitto only about an hour away. But there is one problem where are we going to stay for the night? Lets go camping! Now fast forward through the trip at Wal-Mart getting a tent and all that other stuff you need for camping and it’s about 10 o’clock at night and we are setting up a tent by the head lights of my car. We couldn’t see anything and honestly had no idea where we were just that we had made it to the primitive camp site at Homochitto National Forest. Then we wake up and started our attempt at saving spring break. It was a success! Homochitto was better, there were established trails and very little thick jungle brush (there was a small spot here or there though). We even saw the worlds smallest waterfall:

It definitely made the trip worth while! Here are some pics from the trip:



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