Here is a project that Joshua actually made for his dad for Christmas (and yes i am waiting until 4 months later to post but hey better late than never). I call it the Josh-agator, and its pretty darn cute! We were in Micheal’s looking for some inspiration because honestly we were pretty poor this past year for Christmas present so we deiced to make everyone’s present.  Not to mention Joshua’s father had been guilt tripping him for years about never having made him something hand-made. So we stumble across this little guy:

Then the rest was so easy. All you do is Mod Podge his body and tail into 1 direction and then paint green. After that you just Mod Podge some pictures (we used pictures of New Orleans related things because his dad is a very proud, born and raised New Orleanian) onto him and you end up with:

“The Best Present Ever!” according to Joshua’s dad.



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