Decorate your own coffee mug!

So for Christmas this year Joshua’s mother has requested an LSU mom mug for her morning coffee. Well instead of a generic mug that takes 2 seconds to pick up at the union gift shop Joshua and I decided to make her one from scratch. Lets face it what mom doesn’t love a good old fashioned hand painted mug especially when it comes from her 20 year old son who hasn’t made her anything since he was 5. Now if you go to Michael’s to get one of those cute mug kid crafts (they range in price from $1-$4) you can’t use the mug afterwords because it no longer becomes safe for food. So what cha gotta do is go to another part of Michael’s where they have ceramic or enamel paint. We actually got the mug at Michael’s and then got the paint at hobby lobby (it’s cheaper there). We purchased “Decoart Americana gloss enamels”.

As you can tell it looks like one of those regular little plastic paint card things. And its super easy to use. All you have to do is paint what every design you would like onto your mug then you place the mug in a cool oven. Set the oven to temperature specified on the back of the package and then set the timer for 35 min. Then you turn the oven off when the timer goes off and let it cool in the oven (we just left it in over night) while the oven is cooling and your done!!! Here is our finished project!

Pretty Cute huh? I think she’s gonna love it!



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