Crochet a hat!

So you would like to make a hat? For projects like hats, circle motifs for blankets, or hey snowman ornaments you have to work in what is called the round. Working in the round is a relatively easy form of crocheting. The easiest is just working in rows. If this is the first time you have started to crochet you may want to go here and learn how to crochet back and forth first so you get use to the feel of crochet. Here is the tutorial on crocheting in the round make sure to read under the video for some of my notes (in fact you might want to read my notes before/with and then after the video,read before/with especially if you are using the video to follow along with):

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

Now I personally prefer the second method that she uses for my beanies.

So if you are following this method there is one point where she shows you how to form the ring (that ring is considered the first round) and then she moves onto the 2nd round but talks about it before demonstrating and doesn’t really say anything while she is demonstrating. What she is doing is increasing, and she is doing that in every stitch until she gets to the marker. That means when she goes into one stitch she does a single stitch then goes back into that same stitch (the original chain not the single stitch you just did) and she does another single stitch making 2 in that one original chain. Here is another video strictly on increasing (decreasing is also in this video but for a hat you only need to worry about increasing). This video will help you better understand what exactly is going on during increasing:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

It is also very important that you mark that first stitch in the second round. I used paper clips before i purchased my little stitch markers and trust me paper clips work just fine. When she moves up the marker notice that when she removes the marker #1 she stitches that round that was right before the marker and #2 she only does one stitch not 2! this is because the marker has to move up. So once you have removed the marker and made your stitch you then have to place the marker on that new stitch and then make your 2nd stitch.

Then she goes on to talk about all of the rounds after your 2nd round. Now i’m not entirely sure why they didn’t do a tutorial on this portion because i found it rather confusing just listening to her talk about it so here is what is happening: once you have your new round, we’re going to talk about round 3 right now, you are going to do 2 stitches in that first hole (the technical term here is actually stitch but i’m going to call it a hole to avoid confusion and repeating the word stitch over and over-to clarify a “hole” is the stitch of the last round you worked, it is also the loop of yarn that you are joining your new stitches into to form your new round) of round 3 (remember increasing). Then you are going to only do 1 stitch in the next 2 holes. So you will not be doing 2 in every hole like the last round (round 2 where we were doing 2 stitches in every hole) you want to keep the work round but still flat. after you have done only 1 stitch in the 2nd and 3rd hole you are going to do 2 stitches in the 4th hole. you are going to keep doing this pattern until you get back to the marker. Once you are back to the marker you are going to get started on your 4th round (remember to move your marker) which starts with 2 stitches in your 1st hole. Then you are going to do 1 stitch in the 2nd hole, followed by 1 stitch in the 3rd and 4th hole. After that you will do 2 stitches in the 5th hole. You will again repeat this pattern until you get back to the marker. So like she says in the video its 2,1,1,2,1,1,2… for the 3rd round and then 2,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2… in the 4th so on and so forth. You keep increasing the number of 1 stitches in your circle until you get to its desired circumference for your hat. This part can be tricky but i like to just put my circle on my head (or the head of who i’m working on it for) to get a feel of where i need to start making my tube to finish the hat. She does a good job of describing this in the video.

Now i know it looks like a lot but trust me it’s not that bad! From using these videos i made my 1st hat in 1 afternoon! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!! I also want to thank Lion Brand Yarn and HowCast for their awesome videos!


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