A cute idea!

So this past saturday was my 21st birthday! To sum up the day in a sentence Breakfast at Brennan’s (YUM!!) followed by a day full of shopping. It was pretty great! Well during the shopping Joshua and I where on Magazine street and we ran into a little specialty store called Funrock’n. They had saints stuff, gag gifts, clothes, tons of stuff. But what impressed me the most was their packaging. We bought Joshua’s brother some prank toys for Christmas and at checkout this is what the cashier handed over:

What is that you ask? Why is it so¬†impressive? Because it’s really a


Now how clever is that! This would be really cute for movie themed parties with your own personalized stamp or just general cute goodie bags. This would even be cute for wedding gift bags! I just loved this little idea and had to share!

Here is a website for the bags $9 for 500 (500 seems to be the minimum but you can always ebay or etsy any left overs) :


And here is a website that i love for personalized stamps:





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