How to start crocheting (scarf)

I have always wanted to crochet. My mother taught me how to knit but I had always wanted to crochet. So one night when I couldn’t sleep I scoured the internet for how to crochet. The following is how I taught myself crochet in a couple hours.

First off there are some great informational videos on what crochet is, how to find patterns on lion brand’s website, how to hold a crochet hook, how to choose the right yarn, and the proper posture and holding of your crochet tools.

But you already know you want to make a scarf, you’ve got your yarn, you’ve got your hook, and you’re just ready to crochet! This is where you really start:

Every crochet project starts with a slip knot and here’s how to make one:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

Ok so you have your knot now what? Well since you are making a scarf you can choose to start in one of two ways. When i make scarfs I find it easier to start with my length. This way i don’t have to do so many rows back and forth as if i were to start with my width. Trust me the project will move much faster this way. So if you started with your length you need to chain as many stitches you want to get your desired length. So you need to know your basic stitch the chain stitch:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

Now that you have chained how every long you want the scarf to be you now need to pick which stitch to use. You will use this stitch for the entire scarf (if you want a uniform look). There are several different crochet stitches to choose from, you have the: slip (doesn’t gain height), single (shortest), half double, double, triple/treble, and many more! If you’re starting out and crochet is new to you the single stitch is one of the easiest. You are going to keep going until you get to the other end of your chain. Here’s how:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

Ok so you have used your single stitch to go all the way to the other end of your chain. You’ve done it! This is your first row! Congratulations!!! Now you probably want to know how to turn. Turning gets you from the end of this row to the beginning of your next row. This is how you build the width (if you started with the length in your chain) of your scarf. Here is turning:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

So you have gone back and forth and you finally have your scarf to it’s desired width. You’re almost done!!! Now all you have to do is fasten off:

[howcast url=’’ height=’240′ width=’360′]

There you have it easy peasy!! Great job you have your first hand crocheted scarf by you!!!  Scarfs are great practice for all of your stitches. As always ya’ll Feel free to ask me any questions! I also want to thank Lion Brand Yarn and HowCast for their awesome videos!


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