Fat Cow

So we are driving to a friends house last night and we pass a restaurant called Fat Cow. So naturally I urbanspoon such an interesting place. Well I have to say the deciding factor for me would be the  instant that I saw (and I quote), “Parmesan and Duck Fat French Fries”. Then after a long morning at work I decided that I needed some of those fries, so I call Joshua up and we meet at Fat Cow. Fast forward 20 min.s and they sit it down in front of me. A large tray of Parmesan Duck Fat French Fries (oh ya and a hamburger).

Ok so the burger was great dont get me wrong. Delicious in fact. It was called the Sicilian and it was made up of fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, tomato, and a balsamic vinaigrette. Really really good.

BUT the fries where AMAZING!!! I will most definitely be trying to recreate this! stay tuned…

And thank you Fat Cow. Thank you very much!


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